”Listen to yourself! I already lost two people I love because of these witches. Everything that happened that night clearly happened for a reason. I don’t agree with the choices the werewolves and witches made that night. Then again I haven’t been their biggest fan, I won’t let them control my life. Klaus, I was dragged into this war the minute they hexed my brother.” 

 ”I know full well what I am saying —— all in effort to protect your life.  They may have dragged you but there is no reason to stay, Cami.  You do not deserve to find yourself hurt even further by them.  You deserve to spend your time worries about your studies, not watching your back because someone wants to end your life.”

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"Yeah, I’m sure you promising to be her ‘last love’ is being a ‘fleeting fancy’." Bonnie raised her fingers in a quotation gesture before fixing him with a skeptical stare. Her brows arched and her heart skipped from the implication. Stefan. She straightened to give him more of her attention. "You’re going to have to be a bit more specific than that if you ever plan on getting my help."

   ”I’ll let you in on a little secret, love ——- I will say anything to win,” he told her with a slight grin.  He did not need her questioning his motives toward Caroline, not when she did not comprehend where they came from.  Instead he focus on the way her body language changed at the mere implication of Stefan.  That was what he was counting on.  ”I can be as specific as you need.  But for the sake of saving time, he’s gotten a little lost in the bloodlust as of late.  I know how you lot are when it comes to Stefan’s humanity.  Care to help preserve it?”

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      The vampire hasn’t heard of the infamous hybrid in months, he wasn’t part of Mystic Falls anymore so his visit would be strange yet he was in college campus where she dropped out. Walking sheepishly crossing her arms over her chest until they were a few inches away from one another.

            “Klaus, why are you here?” 


Klaus had a purpose when he arrived —— and he wanted to be quick about it.  The campus was crawling with young lives; so carefree (he could change that now couldn’t he —- if he was inspired enough).  For now he stuck to the plan.  

Until she stepped into his path.

Klaus stopped and maintained his ground as she came close.

                       ”You needn’t worry —- I am not here to cause trouble for you.”




"But I didn’t say anything."

     But she was certainly thinking it.

   ”You don’t have to, little mouse, it is written all over your face.”

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      “Ah yes, well… that may be quite true. But I assure you Nik, I did not lay waste to this thy holy atelier of yours. Perhaps, Rebekah knows of who did? — Afterall, it is you who unnerves her the most.”

   ”And why is it I should take your word again, Kol?  What deeds have you done to inspire confidence in me?  By the way, I recommend that we leave Rebekah out of this conversation.”



     “… Well, don’t look at me. I didn’t do it.”

   ”You have the face of a liar, brother.”



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    “Did it ever cross your mind that maybe I didn’t want to stay away. I came to you that night for a reason and you shut me out. No, my listening skills aren’t the greatest, no matter how hard you push me away I’m not going anywhere. You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help I was sick of them anyway. My house is just a mess nothing a little cleaning can’t fix.”

"And in turn I shut you for a reason, Cami.  You know all too well that the war I have helped create within this city has caused immense pain and death.  I wish to spare you from that though you remain stubborn to your core.  Why is that you cannot see the benefit of steering clear from all of this?"